Below are a few examples of tracks used in film and media pieces. I’d like to thank some of the amazing musicians that simply came in to the studio and performed, normally in a single take (when it wasn’t a single take it was my fault for not ‘being on the case’ as an engineer. Musicians and instruments were:

‘A childs Christmas in Wales’– Gethin Liddington (trumpet), Adele Morgan, (bassoon), Rhiannon Davies (violins), myself (flute, piano and percussion.)

‘Davids Choice’ – Simon Gratton (oboe), myself (piano and synth)

‘Sinfonia’ – Rhiannon Davies (violin),Alun Williams (French Horn) myself (all keys, flute, soprano saxophone and percussion)

‘Polly Darton’ and ‘The tailors window’, – myself (all saxophones- AATB)

‘Closing sequence’ – Rhianon Davies (violins) Adele Morgan, (bassoon) Jessica Hornsby, (handbells and mark tree), myself (flute and clarinets)

‘A safe distance’, – Frank Tonk (‘cello), Rhiannon Davies, (violins), Simon Gratton, (oboe)