Symphonic Winds- You Tube Videos

The GGY Symphonic Winds

‘Wild Nights’ – Frank Ticheli

The GGYSW perform Wild Nights by Frank Ticheli conducted by their music director Paul Hornsby. This performance gained the Royal Albert Hall sponsors award. The ensemble also performed Fantasia by Mark Camphouse

The GGY Symphonic Wind

‘West Side Story’ – Leonard Bernstein

The GGYSW perform a medley from ‘West Side Story’ recorded here at St David’s Hall, Cardiff.

The Modern Ensemble 

‘Centre qui Rose’ – Morten Lauridsen. 

Here are the GGY Modern Ensemble performing CONTRA QUI ROSE by Morten Lauridsen. Music Director: Paul Hornsby

The GGY Symphonic Winds

Confluence: Richard Saucedo

Here are the GGY Symphonic Winds in rehearsal at Duffryn Comprehensive School (NEWPORT). This piece (Confluence: Richard Saucedo) is a tone poem that describes the meeting/merging of two great rivers.

The Modern Ensemble

‘Via Crucis’ – Martin Ellerby ( The Royal Albert Hall)

Here is a video of the Modern Ensemble performing Martin Ellerby’s Via Crucis at the Royal Albert Hall in November 2009.

The GGY Symphonic Winds

‘Go’ by Samuel R Hazo.

An exciting concert opener.Performed here by the Greater Gwent Youth Symphonic Winds directed by Paul Hornsby

Monmouthshire Senior Windbands

‘With each sunset’ – R.Saucedo

Here are the combined Monmouthshire Combined Winds ( North and South Mon) performing at the MFY regionals in Newport. Music Director:Paul Hornsby

The GGY Symphonic Winds

‘Cambrian Explosion’- Richard R Saucedo

A performance by the GGY Symphonic Winds at their annual concert in 2011 of Cambrian Explosion (Richard Saucedo)