My recording services are either Live/Location or Studio based.


I have 25 years experience of recording a wide range of ensembles including amongst others Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Wind Orchestras, Choirs, Brass Bands, Jazz Orchestras/Big Bands, Pop/Funk and Jazz combos as well as acoustic quartets and chamber ensembles. Live recordings can be as simple as stereo to disk or where more control is needed a more complex, multi mic’d and multi-tracked recording to disk. The latter giving more options and control in post production. All recordings are made using very high quality microphones and are treated in post production to ‘state of the art’ analogue and digital processors. Clients are often invited to attend the mixing/mastering process in my studio.


Bands and artists can be recorded live (multi tracked to hard disk) or tracked and layered in multiple different takes. Alternatively bands can be recorded in stages, starting with the rhythm section then later (for example) recording horns before finally recording the vocalists or soloists.


60 separate and simultaneous audio streams. For a detailed account regarding analogue and digital processing, microphones, audio unit processors/instruments as well as drum kits and keyboards click here to send me an email.


Below is an example of a range of services that I provide


Typically a 3-hour recording session and 3 hour post production. Please supply details of your group/choir/band and venue. Please contact me for day and multi day rates. Specifying the recording type (simple stereo or multi-mic’d , multi tracked)


Voice-overs direct to disk synced to video. (hourly rate)

Band recordings at half day and whole day studio rates

Artist support, song production and development. (Bespoke rates dependent on the complexity of each project)

Mastering of your previously recorded material.

Artists have access to an amazing range of incredible musicians to perform on their tracks.

For more detailed information and prices please contact me directly using the CONTACT form of this site (menu)